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Intervenção diplomática britânica nas negociações entre o Governo português e a Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd., para instalação de estações de T.S.F.
- Ofício de 8 de Março de 1910, enviado por F. Villiers (Legação britânica em Portugal) a Edward Grey (Secretário de Estado dos Negócios Estrangeiros inglês).

"I have the honour to report that since the receipt of your telegram No.2 Commercial of the 15th ultimo, I have been in frequent communication with the Minister for Foreign Affairs respecting the proposals for establishing a wireless telegraphy station at Lisbon and for the construction of an extended system including the islands and Portuguese African Colonies.

I spoke strongly to the Minister with regard to the extended system directly information was given to me by the Agent of the Marconi Company, and after receiving your telegram No.5 Commercial of the 2nd instant I urged upon him and upon the Prime Minister the importance attached by His Majesty’s Government to the matter and the necessity if entrusting the work to a British Company. I have seen Senhor Villaça several times lately and have on each occasion repeated the same language making absolutely clear to him the view taken by His Majesty’s Government. I have also recalled attention to the assurances given by successive Ministers of Foreign Affairs as to coaling stations &c., in the Portuguese Atlantic ports and to communications which passed with Colonel du Bocage respecting Wireless installations in India as reported in my despatch No. 43 Secret, of 1st July. His Excellency whom I saw this afternoon told me that he was most desirous to meet the wishes of His Majesty’s Government but that he could return no positive answer as the matter had not yet come for consideration by the Council of Ministers.

With regard to the station here Senhor Villaça had told me that this is quite a small affair. The Portuguese Government meant to buy the apparatus and six companies had been invited to tender; there would be no question whatever of foreign control. I may mention here that it is not quite correct as stated in your telegram No. 2 that the Marconi Company were first in the field, for a French Company also tendered within the time originally fixed. The postponement was granted, so it is asserted at the Ministry of Public Works, at the request of a German Company and of the Company which holds the Poulsen patent. No tender has yet been accepted, but Senhor Villaça believed that the most favourable terms had been offered by an American Company, I expressed my surprise for the conditions or the Marconi Company as described to me by the agent seemed especially advantageous, and I have not failed to point out, assuming as I might that the larger contract would be placed in the hands of a British Company, that would be placed in the hands of a British Company, that it would be singularly unpractical and not satisfactory to His Majesty’s Government if one system were adopted for the capital and another for the colonies. Senhor Villaça has promised to communicate with me before any decision is taken."

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