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Opção do Governo português pela aquisição de equipamento Marconi.
- Ofício de 26 de Outubro de 1911, enviado por Arthur H. Hardinge a Edward Grey (Secretário de Estado dos Negócios Estrangeiros inglês).

"I have the honour to report with reference to Mr. Caisford’s despatch No. 62 and to previous correspondence that Senhor Vasconcelos informed me this afternoon that the Council of Ministers had just decided to adopt the Marconi system of wireless telegraphy, and to conclude an arrangement for that purpose with the Marconi Company. His Excellency added that the precise conditions of the arrangement would have to be discussed between the Portuguese Government and the Company, but that, although the charges which the latter had suggested had appeared rather excessive, he felt confident that an agreement would be arrived at. The Lisbon cabinet had been anxious in this matter to meet what they believed to be the views and wishes of His Majesty’s Government. They had therefore definitely abandoned the idea of a competition between rival firms, and had decided to treat with Marconi. (...)"

BT Group Archives - Portugal and Portuguese Colonies. Wireless Telegraph Services - BT_POST 30/3094
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