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Projectos de rede Marconi em Portugal e colónias.
- Ofício de 11 de Janeiro de 1912, enviado por Godfrey C. Isaacs, “Managing Director” da Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd, ao Sub-Secretário de Estado do Foreign Office.

The Portuguese Government asked us to tender for stations erected at Lisbon (Oitavos or Pena), Azores (S. Miguel), Madeira and Cape Verde (St. Vincent). All these stations were to be capable of communicating with each other and with ships at sea.

We were subsequently asked to quote for stations placing Portugal in communication with West Africa and Macao. We eventually submitted prices as per copy of list annexed hereto.

These prices are similar to, and based upon the same principle as, those we quoted to Chili, and which the Chilian Government has accepted, and were 50 per cent less than the prices asked to the Chilian Government by the Telefuken Company. Since submitting these prices our representative has offered the Portuguese Government a further reduction of ten per cent.

We are prepared to make considerable concessions to the Portuguese Government in respect of the erection of the stations they require if they would be prepared to let our compensation take the form of a percentage of the receipts of the stations, where those stations are intended to conduct a public service.

It would perhaps be of interest to state that the Telefunken Company obtained a contract with the Dutch Government to erect a station at Sabang in the Dutch East Indies, owing to their having quoted a lower price than we were willing to do, to provide a service guaranteeing communication by day to a distance of 750 miles and by night to 1 500 miles. This station has now been completed since some months, but so far has totally failed to fulfill the conditions of the contract. (...)"

BT Group Archives - Portugal and Portuguese Colonies. Wireless Telegraph Services - BT_POST 30/3094
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